About City Girl and Country Bloke

I am a city girl from Houston, Texas, more specifically the Alief area. I lived there for the first 16 years of my life. Then came a move to Denver, Colorado which is where I joined the Navy. Then the moves started to Illinois, and then to California, and then to Japan(!), and then to Hawaii(!) which is where I pulled the plug on my 12 year Navy career. 
I met Country Bloke in Hawaii when I was living in Japan. He was from Australia. We met at a coalition military conference. Eighteen months later we were married and living right back in the city where we initially met, Honolulu! Now we are approaching our 7 itch (lol) year mark with a couple of kids and several sheep!

So how did we come to live on the East Coast?

With the undying support of Country Bloke, I took a job with absolutely no idea of the area and no family within 100 miles. His family is even further away! We moved to a small country town in Pennsylvania. Country Bloke found an awesome job about 2 hours away from our rental house in PA so we had to house hunt for something that would be in-between our two jobs and we landed in rural Maryland on a beautiful 6 acre plot of land. Less than 2 acres is actually cleared so we are keeping everything within that space. I really don’t want to cut down any trees.

Anyways, the planets and stars aligned, we were approved for the home loan (which I am trying to pay off in less than 8 years but more on that later), and we moved into our dream home. Ever since then we have been trying to be smarter, even if it’s harder, in regards to environmental impact and living a healthier, self-sustaining lifestyle. This blog will document what works, what doesn’t, what costs too much, what saved us money, my novice attempts at decorating and I’ll throw in lots of photos and some recipes we fix that might work for those that are in similar positions as Country Bloke and I are in.

Simple truth of it is, we are just two people trying to make it in this world and trying to leave it a better place. Join us on our journey and share yours with us as well. We can all learn from each other.

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  1. YAY! Love it! :) Can't wait to hear more and follow you on this. Awesome idea, City Girl!