Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Routine

After a busy week, THIS is a Saturday morning made in heaven.

What is your favorite weekend routine?

City Girl :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Favorite Thing

So being the mother of a five year old and a three year old makes for lots of invitations to birthday parties. 

Growing up, I remember the opening of the presents. It was a long and arduous process with everyone standing around shoveling cake in their mouths while having to make a comment about every single gift the birthday person received. 

After moving to the East Coast, I noticed that the gift opening process is unceremoniously left out and I quite welcome that.  

The parties seem to focus more on having fun, socializing and eating cake without the added half hour of present opening.

The two parties we've had since we moved here, we've also practiced this ritual. Close friends come over to the house after the party is over and that's when the boys get to open their presents.  

It's my new favorite thing especially now that party season is in full swing!

City Girl :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Stabilization Project

Phase 1 of The Stabilization Project

Phase 1

Phase 2 with tub and ferns added

Phase 2

English Ivy, up close and personal

A fern I have tried desperately to kill (not on purpose) but continues to live

When we get massive amounts of rain here, there's this part of my front flower bed right next to my front door that seems to take a beating. The gutter that handles about two thirds of the water off our roof funnels it all to the other over-worked gutter. We need to fix the gutter system and we will. It's on the Honey Do List!

In the mean time, we washed all the mud, dirt and old mulch off the brick from the constant Niagara Falls we seemed to experience with rain-mageddon at the beginning of this spring. We mulched our flower beds using nothing but our free wood chips and I (personally) love the all natural, wood chip look! Every time I see colored mulch, I stare at the mulch, not the plants. My plants take center stage in my flower beds so I'm really digging the natural wood look. Did I mention the wood chips were free!!

So while we were mulching, I was thinking about ways to prevent the mulch from getting washed away.

Last year when we went to pick up the boys Craigslist playground, Country Bloke noticed a huge pile of nice looking rocks in the person's backyard. He allowed us to take them (for a very small fee of course) so we've had the huge pile of rocks in the backyard next to the wood chip pile. 

So I thought why don't I use them to help stabilize the soil? Ding, ding, ding!! (When I have a good idea, Country Bloke says I'm having a "tink". Its a word from an Australian children's book series called Bottersnikes and Gumbles. Look it up. They are the cutest books!)

After mulching was complete, we stacked the rocks in along the wall as you can see in the Phase 1 picture. I put an old galvanized tub in the corner to catch some of the rain water but it still looked sort of lifeless to me. So I went to the local nursery and picked out two Ostrich Ferns to complete Phase 2 of the project.

Pretty Little Fern
I love ferns. I especially love these particular ferns because they form dense colonies and help with soil erosion problems. If you have an issue, see if your local nursery carries Ostrich Ferns. I'm pretty excited to watch them grow and spread. And they will come back after winter is over. Score!

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome so far but I think I might go get one more fern...

Have a lovely day!

City Girl :-)

Beautiful Series...A Storm

Some moments in time just take my breath away.

City Girl :-)

Monday, June 2, 2014

So this happened...

Sheep, Funny
Yes, this really happened.

And no, we did not put the bucket on poor Marrio's head.

But we did have to take it off!

Our poor ram, Marrio, just can't catch a break sometimes. 

He's a beautiful ram but not to bright sometimes. Before Country Bloke swept me off my feet, I dated a few men like that. Lol.

Apparently Country Bloke used that bucket to give the sheep some grain and, in his usual fashion, left the bucket out in the yard. Marrio is able to sniff out even the smallest amount of grain. 

So what do you think that blessed creature did? 

Well, he stuck his big ole head in there in an effort to ensure any and all grain was promptly disposed of. 

Only problem, his head was too big for him to get out of it!! 

Poor thing was running into fences and tripping over things. Country Bloke had to run out there (after he was done taking pictures and have a good laugh about it), corner the poor beast and yank the bucket off his head. Marrio suffered no injury (except maybe just a little of his pride).

And all while I was at work!

Things like this are a daily occurrence on this blessed, wannabe farmette!

Hope this made you smile today.

City Girl :-)