Friday, May 30, 2014



What will you do this weekend?

Country Bloke and I always try to figure it out on Thursday evening since we always take on too much. The garden is the priority right now but we have a huge list of other tasks not yet complete. Finishing the split rail fence is numero uno so the deer and racoons don't ruin our garden before we've even had our first harvest!

This weekend will be filled with a day of fishing with the boys and we have a birthday party to attend for 1st boy's (my 5 year old) friend.

Perhaps I'll try a new casserole recipe. I've got my eye on an Oven Chicken Risotto Recipe at Southern Living. I always try to make 2 when I'm making a casserole so we can freeze one. Saves us from those "Uh Oh" nights.

Maybe I'll head over to a local nursery and pick something pretty up for the garden. If you head over to Pinterest page, you can see some of the beautiful pictures I'm obsessing over for my future landscaping projects!

Have a lovely weekend!

City Girl :-)

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