Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walkabout (City Girl Style)

Red Rose

Something is eating my leaves


Not sure what this shrub is called

But it flowers gorgeous fuchsia colored flowers

Purple Clematis

According to Wikipedia, a walkabout refers to a rite of passage during which male Australian Aborigines would undergo a journey during adolescence and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months

My walkabouts are not nearly as intense nor am I living in the wilderness for six months!

This was a very busy Saturday so I just went on a walkabout for about 10 minutes around my home and these are some of the pictures I captured of the various flowers and shrubs. 

I'm not sure what some of these beautiful flowers are called but they sure do make me happy.

Be sure you take some time to stop and observe what the plants are doing around you.

Hope you are having a great weekend! 

City Girl :-)

Friday, May 30, 2014



What will you do this weekend?

Country Bloke and I always try to figure it out on Thursday evening since we always take on too much. The garden is the priority right now but we have a huge list of other tasks not yet complete. Finishing the split rail fence is numero uno so the deer and racoons don't ruin our garden before we've even had our first harvest!

This weekend will be filled with a day of fishing with the boys and we have a birthday party to attend for 1st boy's (my 5 year old) friend.

Perhaps I'll try a new casserole recipe. I've got my eye on an Oven Chicken Risotto Recipe at Southern Living. I always try to make 2 when I'm making a casserole so we can freeze one. Saves us from those "Uh Oh" nights.

Maybe I'll head over to a local nursery and pick something pretty up for the garden. If you head over to Pinterest page, you can see some of the beautiful pictures I'm obsessing over for my future landscaping projects!

Have a lovely weekend!

City Girl :-)

Moving Sheep

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Lots of fun getting this beast in the back of the pick up truck!

We had to transport him by himself since he's so aggressive towards me.

Not a happy camper!

So that's Marrio, our rambunctious Ram, in the back of Country Bloke's truck. He absolutely hates me and charges me every time I go into the paddock. Our amazing friend down the road who owns about 20 acres and supplies us with hay has most graciously allowed us to graze our flock of sheep on areas of pasture his tractor can't get too, which explains the ride in the back of the truck. 

It's a mutually beneficial relationship. Our sheep clean up his property, getting nice and plump in the process and he gets his land cleared for free.  

You learn out here in the country that mutually beneficial relationships are the unspoken rule.

I'm happy to have the sheep moved. They can be quite noisy and a pain in the butt to manage. We definitely bit off more than we could chew with having a flock of 12! With full time life, it can get quite difficult balancing everything.

 But Country Bloke and I are dreamers. We don't really know exactly what we want so we are just trying everything out so we can figure out what we DON'T want! Lol.

 I can tell you what I don't want, I don't want to shear a sheep ever again! Blah!

Country Bloke shearing Zanette. She's a biiiig girl.

Til next time my country livin' lovers!

City Girl :-)

Friday's Big Discovery

This is sooo 20th Century!!

I honestly do not know if this will make your life easier but if you are married to another person who is anything like my Country Bloke, you will think this is amazing. 

 I may be the last person on earth to know about this BUT its an awesome web-based app called Out of Milk. (And no, they did not pay me money to talk about it. I just think its pretty awesome and want to share.)  

It's just a web-based grocery shopping and to-do list organizer BUT you can download it on Android and iPhones plus log into it from any computer. 

How many times have you been sitting at work and remembered something you forgot to put on your 20th century grocery list?

BAM! No more having to remember to add the item to the list when you get home!!

When you have full time jobs, full time kids, and full time animals, anything that will make your life easier is a blessing.  

Try it out. Seriously!

I've got a "Honey Do" list, Grocery list, CVS list, a Lowes list and some other ones that I share with Country Bloke. 

He actually loves it too because he ALWAYS has his phone on him. 

An added bonus of this web-based app is the saving money aspect. 

Despite the fact I have failed miserably in my grocery store 52 week challenge, I still take a list to the store with me and gone are the days of remembering the list taped to the side of the refrigerator. 

Do you have something you've discovered lately? 

City Girl :-)

Thursday, May 29, 2014


{Image found here}

Although my blog is not yet a year old AND I only have 25 posts under my belt, this little, ordinary blog has reached 10,000 page views!

I have no idea how accurate that is or if that is even impressive but I am deeply humbled and thank you for reading my blog (despite the fact I'm as flaky about writing in it as that apple pie crust that I still haven't baked). 

Despite all my self-proclaimed failures, I'm so happy that I've had readers from all over the world visit my simple blog about simple life!

Wow is all I can say.


City Girl :-)