Monday, August 26, 2013

So what's in the garden...Part 2

From August 13.

So now it's time to tell you what's in Country Bloke's bed. That sounds really wrong if you haven't been keeping up with my blog!

SIDE NOTE: The above picture is from August 13 and the below picture is from August 24. Absolutely AMAZING what plants can do in such a short time. What a wondrous place we all live!

Back to the subject at hand, and just to refresh your brain, Country Bloke forgo the traditional BTE method of newspapers for sheep poo covered straw. And his decision seems to be making a BIG difference compared to my bed. I also wanted to compare how many seeds were planted and how much yield we received from each plant to attempt some sort of comparison. I don't want to be inundated with too much of something we don't use as often. No sense in wasting time, money and effort!

Of course I will give away or can what I can't use but I still like to analyze EVERYTHING. (Just ask Country Bloke.)

We were much more disciplined on seed planting on Country Bloke's bed than mine so I have actual seed counts!

So, here we go!

*I don't mean to confuse you but I'm starting with the corn on the right this time.*
The Blokes' Bed

FIRST ROW: We planted 36 seeds of a obsession hybrid sweet corn. The ones that were not ripped out of the ground by the sheep seem to be doing alright!

Well hello there little corn!

SECOND ROW: My little companion planting chart told me that shell peas were great to plant alongside the corn and one of the blogs I read wrote that raccoons do not like to climb up stalks that have peas climbing them. Only problem is the particular variety I planted don't seem to be grabbing onto the corn stalks. I gotta figure that out for next year. But we planted 48 seeds of Green Arrow Shell Peas.

From August 13. You can see the shell peas NOT grabbing the corn stalks.
THIRD ROW: 48 seeds of garden carrot mix were planted next. I don't have high hopes for the carrots this year because some of them don't look like they made it!

Pic of our best looking carrot and NOT MANY MORE in the row behind it! Ek!

FOURTH ROW: We planted 36 seeds of Granex Hybrid Yellow Onion and I'm thinking we won't be feasting off of onions this year. Much to learn about this one too. I don't even have pictures because nothing seems to be growing!!

FIFTH ROW: We planted 12 seeds of Sumter Cucumber and HOLY COW! These plants are going nuts!!

Yeah, that's the cucumber...

One of two big boys

SIXTH ROW: Next was 36 seeds of Simpson Lettuce. I read that if you put some sort of trellising for the cucumbers to shade lettuce, it will help keep the lettuce from wilting. Do you really think we've gotten around to building trellising? It was a nice thought.

The squash plant is providing a little shade from the sun for the lettuce. Squash is a good big bro!

SEVENTH ROW: Last, but certainly not least, we planted 12 seeds of Yellow Crookneck squash. You talk about low maintenance and high producing! I love this variety. We've already gotten 2 in less than 60 days and many, many more along the way! Did I mention many?!

From August 13. The leaves look a lot worse today.

I think it's ready!!

BTW, can anyone tell me what this is on my squash leaves?

WTH is this?? This picture is from August 26.

So that's it folks. That's our big garden for this year. Our very late, we-have-no-idea-what-we-are-doing garden!

I tell ya. There's something about eating vegetables you planted from your garden.

It's a great feeling.

Here's a picture of what we harvested on Saturday:

So Proud!! (The things I get excited about now-a-days!)


  1. Very nice. Hit your plants with a soap solution for the squash.

  2. I would suggest you go here to find out about onions and when to plant various varieties in your area. Plant onion seeds densely in pots inside but where they get sun and transplant them on the planting date shown on the chart, You can do that with every type of plant if you want to start the inside. They have the planting guides for every zone and they work.

  3. Waw looks awesome!!!! What did you make??

  4. It's looking great! I have to admit I've never counted seeds before! Sounds very precise. Loving the blog. It's nice to read from people who are in the same kind of situation Trying to run a smallholding whilst both working full time with kids!