Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sunflower field at a creamery where we get our Friday night ice cream.
My God. It is 12:12 am on Sunday and I am lost in blogosphere. Today was such a busy day for our family and I almost don't know how to power myself down right now. We finished up two projects and mowed the lawn (its about an acre but imagine an obstacle course involving sheep, playground, garden on steroids, and toys thrown EVERYWHERE) so our family reward is taking the monsters to the movies to see Planes tomorrow.

Must. Go. To. Sleep!!

2nd Monster (the 2 1/2 year old) is potty training so we decided he needed a big boy bed. And the big boy bed 1st Monster (the 4 year old) sleeps in was knocked together shortly after moving from Hawaii to Pennsylvania and I mean knocked together. It's constructed of 2x4's (or 6's) and is not sanded or painted or stained or anything. But it works and it was super cheap to do when we had no money. I'll have to take a picture of it tomorrow since it is the last day of its duty!!

Well, even though we have more money now than we did, we are still cheap. But Country Bloke did get the select wood for the new beds so I guess we are a little classy now. I'll post a how to and how much a little later.

So project 1 involved spending the day sanding and painted the beds. 

I went to my local big box hardware store and picked out paint colors for the boys to choose from. I gave them lots of choices: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Plus each choice had 3 different variations of the color so they had 15 choices! 

Five seconds flat it took them. 

Seriously. Five seconds. 

I kept saying, "Now what about this one?" (Pointing to the green color I really liked.) 

All I got was a no and looked at like I my hair was on fire. I guess that's what I get for letting them pick. 

2nd Monster chose this gorgeous blue color. 

1st Monster picked a very, very bright orange which is why I am still awake. It needs about a dozen coats of paint in order to cover the wood grain. 

So here I am. 


Man I love these kids.

Very, Very Orange
We also bought ridiculously expensive twin mattresses for the little monsters today. That was project number 2. 

I know that goes against my usually mantra of being cheap and frugal but let me explain and please don't judge me.

We were going to hit up a couple stores and price compare, save money, blah, blah. 

I was tired. 

So I laid on a couple of the mattresses they offered at the first store and then I laid on the creme de la creme of the twin selection and told the salesman, "Two of these please." 

I don't even think I 100% cleared it with Country Bloke but I think he was tired too because he didn't even complain. 

We just bought them and we are praying they sleep even longer than they already do. A 9:30 am wake up would be glorious. My justification is my boys LOVE to sleep and they are currently catching the zz's on very, very cheap mattresses. So let's see what happens if we put 'em on real nice ones! Plus they will be sleeping on these for the next decade.

Anyway, that is my reasoning (at now 12:27 am) so I'm sticking to it.

I also mowed our lawn today. It's only my second time using our $300 craigslist lawn mower and I pretty much feel like an expert. I'm whipping it around corners, using the fastest speed and screaming WA HOO when I'm traveling down the hills at what I think are very, fast speeds. I'm pretty sure 1st Monster felt the same way because he held onto me just a little bit tighter as we were approaching the hills. Good times.

So, got lots done today and I'm hoping tomorrow is just a lax day even though I'm pretty sure the clothes on my floor will not walk themselves to the closet and I know the bathroom will not tidy up after itself. I'll probably do all the things normal people do during the weekday and I usually put off.

Did I mention I fit into jeans I wore when I was 16 today? That was another plus.

Of course, splitting the hole in my butt (that was there from before) even wider was not.

Ho hum.

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