Thursday, August 22, 2013

Peanut left us... )-:

A few weeks back we had a gorgeous peahen stop by and visit us. We were hoping she would stay until we found the owner but, alas, she left us.

Queen of the Cars
Good-bye, Peanut. You were good to us for a few weeks and we enjoyed your company. You will be missed especially by the sheep!

Sheep to Peanut: Please come and play with us!!

We do want to eventually get some hens (no roosters!) so we can have some eggs, chicken manure for the garden, and those little things are great at eating kitchen scraps!


I also want to get some guineafowl because they love to eat bugs and will not disturb the veggitation in the garden. My Mimi used to have them at her farm in Texas. I could never figure out why because we didn't eat them or their eggs. Now that I know how awesome they are for pest control, snakes, and rodnets, I am in love with these creatures. Plus their feathers are awesome. Country Bloke said he can use them for fly fishing!
Hey! Whatcha looking at?!

Such beautiful color!


Go eat those pests!!

Click here for a great article about using them in your garden.

Unfortunately, the covenant that governs our "subdivision" prohibits poultry of any kind. That sucks. So, I have to figure out how to get that changed. We do not have an HOA here so the covenant is the "governing" document. I guess I have to invite my neighbors over for some beer and cocktails followed by begging and pleading! Lol. At least there's only 6 families that I have to smooze.

Even though we are not officially allowed to have poultry yet, we bought all the items we need to construct a hen house. I've got all sorts of ideas in my head with how I want it to look!!

This DIY Hen House. Is. Awesome!

I love the shingled roof. So cute! 


This one is super rustica. I might white wash it a bit just to give is that french country feel. 


This weekend we are finishing up my 2 year old's "Big Boy Bed" and building a new bed for my 4 year old. Plus finishing up the split rail fence around the garden so no building the chicken coop yet!!

Tomorrow I'll post some updated pictures of the garden and fencing so you can see how far we've come since this picture!

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