Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday's Daydream - HOLY PEACOCK!!!

So as I'm trying to think of something clever and witty to write in my weekly Wednesday daydream blog, Country Bloke emails me this picture:

Taken in my backyard today.

HOLY COW or HOLY PEACOCK I should say!!

Country Bloke wants to try to keep it in our yard until we figure out where this thing came from.

So I know nothing about peacocks but I feel that way about everything in life! So I turn to Google since I'm a self-proclaimed Googologist.

So a quick search brought me to the ehow website which states:

Peafowl (male) and peahens (female), more commonly known as peacocks, are the largest of the pheasant and turkey family of birds.

So what do they eat?

They like cooked rice and cat food. That's a little weird but I'm not one to judge.

They like snakes and bugs. That's cool.

So how do we get this peacock to stay?

Feed 'em. Lots of food. Morning. Noon. Night. For like a week! Geez.

So is this a male or a female? 

Apparently examining the tail feathers tells you. Looking at the picture, I think this might be a female. It looks as though this ones tail feathers are dull with a muted brown or gray color.

So is this a wild peacock or someones pet?

I have no idea where this peacock came from but I know they are not wild in the United States. We've had dogs wonder into our yard before but this is a first.

When I was stationed in Hawaii with the Navy, wild peacocks ran around the base at Wahiawa. The males were loud and territorial often running after Sailors who were just minding their own business. It provided some comic relief when you were on gate guard duty for the umptenth time and you would see some poor Sailor take off running because there was a HUGE peacock running after them! Good times.

Well, I'll keep you updated on the peacock situation as the story unfolds.

UPDATE: She's still here...



  1. So...I looked into what peacock energy/symbolism says and think you might find this interesting!

    "Filled with the spirit of the peacock, your exotic and iridescent beauty can now begin to shine out. There is an artist within you, deeply creative and original, who is capable of greatness. The peacock will allow this side of you to emerge, gaining power gradually as you allow his spirit to grow within you.

    The peacock knows just when to show his gifts to the world. He is capable of folding his tail quietly and waiting. Then, when the time is right, he calls out powerfully and fans his tail, showing his breathtaking beauty for all the world to see. He will bring you this powerful gift of timing and intuition, so that you do not weaken your dazzling energy through overexposure of your great gifts.

    The peacock will also teach you the power of community and family, for he bonds closely with his offspring. Gather your loved ones around you closely; shine out in beauty and creativity. You are the peacock."

    I think it totally applies to peahens too. Super cool! :)