Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday's Daydream - Dressing Up Split Rail Fencing
I'm starting a weekly post every Wednesday that hosts different things that I daydream about and might try to do over the weekend because this is HUMP DAY!!! In other words, we are over the hump of the week and we are going to start racing towards the weekend! So Happy Hump Day everyone!!

This weekend I'm  on split rail fence duty. What this means is we have 500 feet of split rail fencing with wire to go dig out of the ground.

Let me explain. Country Bloke and I trove Craigslist for EVERYTHING. We've found our sheep, free wood pallets (which are awesome for so many things but I'll share more of that later), free topsoil, and tons of other stuff.

Last Sunday, he just happen to look for fencing deals since we lost out on one a few days prior.  Well, he found an even better deal, 500 feet of split rail fencing with the wire and posts for...FREE!! The only hitch, you gotta come and get it out of the ground, literally. Oh, and we have two weeks to do it in! Eek! 

BUT we have so much use for the split rail fence, I am just so thankful that our prayers were answered. We have our garden and we have our sheep that need protection from the elements and what a better way to protect them but with a beautiful, rustic split rail fence!

Our home is a traditional, brick home and I'm trying to soften it with more plants, gardens, and possibly a vine or two climbing the walls. It's a beautiful house but I really wanted the old farm house look. Country Bloke said the maintenance would be a bit of a nightmare and I agreed. So we bought a newer home and now I'm trying to "countrify" it. More on that later. Plus I gotta get Country Living out to my house someday!

Since Google brings my daydreams to life, I did a Google image search for Split Rail Fence Garden. I did not take any of these pictures, I only saved the image so I could share. The URL of where I found it is below the picture. Please check out some of these awesome sites! Here are some pictures I collected of what I am daydreaming that our split rail fence will look like one day:

This bird house on the fence is beautiful. I might add some humming bird feeders to mine.

 I love, love, love this planter idea!
Country Bloke likes the stone look like this:
You know what's great about doing these searches and daydreaming, you come across some pretty awesome blogs and sites. This is such a wonderful world we live in where we are all connected like this. It constantly amazes me.

So what are you daydreaming about on this hump day? Please share with me!

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  1. Day dreaming..!!
    Well, you have dressed up the split rail fencing very nicely. Old farm house look is giving traditional and aesthetic appearance to the farm. Fences adds on beauty to the place and simultaneously serves the purpose of security.