Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Growth = Less Grocery Bill!!

WOW! So we just planted our Back To Eden garden on June 30 and everything is growing like crazy!! I'm so excited! There is nothing like the feeling of independence and breaking free from the grocery store!

This is my worst nightmare. {Source}
Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but I am seriously pumped at the thought of lessening my trips to the grocery store. 

Right now I stop at the grocery store every Tuesday (since it's on my way home and I ALWAYS try to plan all my errands for maximum time efficiency and to use less gas). My trip takes about an hour and costs between $100 to $200 a trip averaging around $589 a month (last year was $610 a month) for a family of three adults and two kiddos. That's an average of $136 a week. And this total includes household items too, not just food. We almost never go out to eat unless there is company or my mom treats us. 

So my weekly costs are coming in around $136. Not bad. Could be better though. And after working a 9 to 10 hour day at job #1, I really want to shorten the time of the trip by half!

I wonder what the USDA says about my food costs for my family of 3 adults (33 year old City Girl, 37 year old Country Bloke, and 65 plus year old City Mom) and 2 kids (2 year old and 4 year old).  

Quick calculations tell me my weekly average would be around $164 for the "Thrifty" plan. For the primo plan, called the "Liberal" plan, my weekly costs for my family clock in around $316!! HOLY COW! That is a lot of grub! And that is only for food! 

BTW, that is based on the SNAP program guidelines...

Anyways, my goal this time next year is to be shopping every other Tuesday in under 30 minutes and only spending about $150 so averaging around $325 a month and NOT USING COUPONS! I suck at couponing. (-;

I think I will spend the next month tracking and breaking down my grocery bill with painstaking detail so I can see where I can really make the cuts. I think that's the only way to defeat the grocery bill monster.

Another great place to learn about decreasing your grocery bill would be the Mr. Money Mustache blog, one of my favorite blogs and pretty much the only money blog I read right now. I'm trying to find another Financial Independence blog that fits me but no luck yet. I'm sort of tired of these blogs in the blogosphere that show their world as perfect or are written by a single person. I'm craving some realness! Maybe I'll start one myself. Are there any financial blogs you can recommend?

My goal in 7 years.
Oh well, it's Tuesday so off to the grocery story I go!

Side note: I just Googled Back To Eden Garden to see if my blog would come up at all. After 43 search pages, that would be a big fat NO! Hahaha. 

Guess my baby blog is not walking yet in Blogland!

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