Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grocery bill analysis - Week 1 of the 52 week challenge

Since my last post about saving money on groceries, I've talked with a few friends about how much they spend. One friend spends $900 a month on groceries for a family of five (2 adults, 3 kids (14, 6, 4)) but they buy nothing but organic and non-GMO products. So I've decided to start analyzing my grocery bill for the next year because I want to compare apples to apples. I can't make faces at them for their bigger grocery bill when my own bill is only 6% organic!

At the end of my year of grocery bill analysis, I will include the costs of the CSA and the money I have spent on the BTE garden because that is money my family has spent on food. I'll try to figure out how best to calculate all that. Suggestions are appreciated!

So I want to see how much of it is organic vs non-organic and also how much I spend in what I dub as the 7 main categories of shopping. Disagree with me if you must on how I did it and please email me your suggestion. 

I count my month on when the credit card statement begins which was July 15th. We pay ours in full every month but put EVERYTHING on it. It's rare we spend more than $100 in cash a month. We use our credit card to rack up points and airline miles but we are fairly disciplined with our spending and we always have the money to pay it off. I do not recommend doing this if you are not able to pay it off. There are no benefits if you have credit card debt! 

Remember, I'm feeding 3 adults and 2 kiddos. Everyone's situation is different and this is by no means telling you that the way you shop is wrong. I really just want to know how my grocery bill breaks out and see where I can make cuts or just accept it as it is and keep chugging along in the rat race!

So, here we go. The first week of my FIFTY-TWO week challenge! 

My July 17 shopping trip - Total $134.59

Organic $8.74 - 6% of bill
Non-organic $125.85 - 94% of bill

Processed food: $19.30 - 14% of bill
peanut butter 3.74
coke 3.99
fritos 2.60
coffeemate creamer (3 @ 2.99) 8.97

Dairy: $35.84 - 27% of bill
block of colby cheese 1.89
activia yogurt 4.25
milk (2 gallons @ 2.61) 5.22
cheese twists 2.50
sliced munster cheese 2
shredded cheese (2 @ 6.99) 13.98
organic butter sticks 3.50
Ice cream 2.50

Meats and Fish: $37.04 - 28% of bill
salmon 9.67
Organic chicken 5.24
sausage (5 @ 2.29) 11.45
ground beef 3.36
pot roast 7.32

Vegetables: $6.02 - 4% of bill
mushrooms 1.68
lettuce 2.69
corn (5 @ .33) 1.65

Baked goods: $5.68 - 4% of bill
cinnamon rolls 3.99
bread 1.69

Household Items: $24.30 - 18% of bill
diapers (2 @ 6.77) 13.54
dial body soap (4 @ 2.69) 10.76

Tax 6.41 - 5% of bill

I'll post next weeks bill on Friday. I've had to change my shopping day from Tuesday to Thursday for certain reasons. I decided to shop yesterday because we were out of milk and coffeemate and I needed to ease us into the day of the week change. Those are two things we pretty much can't live without. 

Maybe I'll start a weekly post entitled "What's in your pantry" or something like that...

Almost forgot, the peahen is still at the house. We have dubbed her Peanut or Gracie. I haven't decided which yet!

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  1. Thats a pretty good start of the grocery analysis, I was surprised that you don't do bulk shopping at a Costco or Sam's Club. Does that not work for your household?

    I like Gracie it sounds cuter!