Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adventures of Craigslist...

So Country Bloke and I were on the lookout for a playground for the kiddos. I just couldn't bring myself to spend almost a grand on those shiny new ones that are sold at big box stores. Plus, I am lucky enough to be married to a man that can fix just about anything so if there is an issue with the playground we buy second hand, he can re-engineer just about anything.

So I started my hunt on good ole Craigslist because I love to hunt for bargains and I love to save money! For a few weeks, I scoured the free stuff section as well as the for sale/wanted section. I saw a couple of come and get 'em posts for free playgrounds but they were either too far away or just plain ugly. There were two free playgrounds that seemed like a very good deal but unfortunately they were scooped up by the time Country Bloke and I got off work. 

Finally, I found it.

It looked like a very nice home with some good quality stuff they needed to off load since they were moving. So after a few emails back and forth and some up-close pictures, a deal was struck. 

The playground would be ours for $75. It is a pretty nice one so we were pumped!

Here's the pictures from Craigslist:

Not bad, huh?

So Saturday morning came, we loaded our bellies full of breakfast, grabbed our tools and headed off to a complete strangers house for the playground that hopefully was not a bunch of termites holding hands. The drive was about 40 miles away but with the kids staying with City Mom, it was sort of like a date!

So we arrived at our destination, there was a bit of a disagreement over whether or not to park in their driveway, met the owner, money exchanged hands, he showed us the back way we could bring the truck so we could park the truck right next to the playground, and we finally got to see the playground! It was in great shape! Thank goodness!

There was also a swing set separated from it but next to it and the owner threw that in the deal for no additional cost. Score!

Swing Set:

So now comes the fun part of figuring out how to get the thing home. And now we have the addition of the swing set! Oh boy.


So Country Bloke and I have some discussions about how to best handle this and we, of course, disagree. He basically wants to keep it whole and just put it in the truck bed. I want to take it apart since it seems safer to me. He wins.

Here’s a picture of the beast getting loaded onto the truck:

I had to pixel out the owner and the owner's house for privacy.

and yes, we drove it home this way...40 MILES:

So it takes us about 45 minutes to take the slide, ladder and rock climbing part off and get it up in the truck. Then we turn to the swing set.

Ah, the swing set. This is one of those things where if I could go back in time, I would tell the owners to keep the damn thing! This stupid swing set took almost an hour just to take apart! And the worst thing about it, it claimed a hammer!

Proof is in this picture:

So we begin our drive home. Fortunately for us, it was drama free. We didn't hit any power lines or covered bridges. We did pull over a couple of times to check the load and you should've seen the look on people's faces when we were driving! From top to bottom was 14' 2" which is the MAXIMUM height semi-trucks are allowed to be! I pretty much had a panic attack the entire drive home and proceeded to break down into tears when we finally pulled into the drive.

But the look on my little country boy's faces was indescribable. I wish I had my camera to capture it because I really did not think eyeballs could get that big!

Well, the playground is at our house now but it hasn't found it's permanent home yet!

I'm also refinishing it so once that's done and we've moved it where it will stay, I'll post a follow up with pictures. 

So what sort of crazy Craigslist story do you have to share?

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  1. I have never had any luck either buying or selling on Craigslist. I think my area is too small. My daughter has great luck but she lives in a bigger city. This was indeed a great score! Can't wait to see what it looks like after you work your magic!